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Lutes Custom Woodworking & Design Consultants

Design and Project Management

LCW produces interior woodworking for large projects requiring perfection, beauty and continuity of design meeting the exacting expections of clients, builders, architects and designers alike. Maintaining control of intricate detail while confronted with demanding schedules, engineering quandries and large financial investments is our true specialty. LCW has over 30 years of experience and multiple proven successes.

LCW's formula for success is:

• Exceptional design esthetics
• Unsurpassed craftsmanship
• Open communication with all parties involved with the project
Experienced office staff to facilitate proper professional protocols
• A network of trade relationships large enough to assemble a team capable of any size project
• The respect within the building industry to manage such a team deftly for the ultimate success of the project.

While Lutes Custom Woodworking is commited to value engineering, we will not compromise our integrity as providers of superior woodworking to garner low bid status on any project.

Grand Entry
Bronze clad entry

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