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Curved Staircases with Framed Support and Spiral Staircases

Supported Curved Staircases are often used in place of free-standing curved staircases either for design esthetics, financial considerations, or to create additional storage under the stairway. Free-standing and supported staircases tend to take the same amount of space in a room.

Spiral staircases will take the least amount of room but may still be entirely pleasing to the eye. Code requirements for spiral staircases allow for the constricted space it may fit. One should expect that the down side to fitting into a restricted space is that a spiral stair will also be less comfortable to walk. Expect the treads to be narrower, the run between treads to be shorter and the height between treads to be greater.


circular staircase
curved staircase
Curved Staircase 1009
Curved Staircase 1014
Curved Staircase 1015 Curved Staircase 1018
Curved Handrail 1025
Curved Handrail 1026
Curved Staircase 1029

Curved Staircase 1030

  Spiral Staircase 1016 Spiral Staircase 1017  


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