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Straight Staircases

Straight staircases are the most common stair systems. Architecturally they are less challenging for an architect to design, they are easier to build and less expensive to produce. Starting with a basic rough staircase design it is still possible to create very beautiful detail. Depending on the period of the architecture of the project, one can include ornate detail of the Victorian Period or or spartan lines of the Craftsman Period. Regardless of the period detail, LCW produces every staircase with consumate joinery, exceeding AWI premium standards for craftsmanship.

LCW offers most of our stair components separately as well as in kits for assembly by others. We offer a wide range of newels, balusters, handrails, stair treads and custom handrail fittings. Each stair component or complete stair system is produced on a per order basis so customization is always an option.

circular staircase
Straight Staircase 1011
Straight Staircase 1012
Straight Staircase 1013 Straight Staircase 1020

Ornate Wall Rail 1022

Wall Rail
Balcony Guardrail 1027


  Free form Staircase      
Guard Rail
  Enchanted stair 1032   Stair remodel 1033    


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